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School Date: March 10th, 2015

  Anonymous said:
That anon is right about taking characters & making them your own but I don't think she's saying she wants control over the characters, anon. She's saying that people are changing their characters' personalities/stories in a week or two, without sufficient reason for that dramatic of a change. I see that as people just taking a faceclaim and being very OOC about their characters journey! She has every right to be upset if everyones changing the characters entirely.

I don’t think you guys are understanding…
I am not limiting what you guys want to do with your characters. I want to see my characters grow, but some things didn’t follow the basics of the character. If there is a bitchy character, I don’t want them being nice to everyone. A sweetheart… who suddenly gains a back bone. I’m not going to point out ANY of my players and their characters, because I said it in my post, WE ALL get a little ooc sometimes… so I’m not mad. But when I come on to the main and read over posts, it shows. However, I’m NOT MAD. I’m not judging. What I am trying to say is that I am not capable of being overwhelmed like that. I’ve been in countless groups and seeing things move so fast passed is not what I envisoned. Don’t like it? Then I’m sorry… like I said I’m not the best admin in the world… 

  Anonymous said:
Not to be rude or anything but rp is about people taking characters and making them their own. They might not be as how you pictured it or planned but it is what it is, everyone adds what they want to characters, if you don't like their take on them then what's the point in rping? Why don't you just write your own novel so you can have all control over how they turn out? I'm not meaning to be rude here but it's rp after all.

You’re right, but if people aren’t sticking to the personalities, and the connections I made and not reading the bio fully… then don’t apply for a character. I’m all for character development, really. But my group has been open for about 2 weeks.. that’s hardly enough time to transform a character in someone new. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so none of my characters should go from sinners to saints in one day either.

  piper--rose said:
Don't you dare for a second think you are a bad admin. Post this public, because I want everyone to know how much respect you deserve. You don't deserve to get treated like shit, you are honest and kind and beautiful, and being a punching bag isn't what ANYONE deserves, let alone someone like you. Someone who is so caring, there for people without a doubt. Demand respect, and if people won't give it to you, that's their problem. But you are an amazing admin, don't you ever forget that. <3

You’re seriously the sweetest, and guys… I’m not mad at any of you. Sure I’m disappointed, but like… I don’t know. I’m just at a loss right now, and don’t have it in me to be the right admin….

But, you, my dear are the amazing and I love you to the universe and back. You always know how to make me smile and I thank you for being such an amazing friend, like always. Especially since you know how much this group and all the work I put in, means to me… 

Hey Guys…

So, I think you are all aware of my activity lately and I have to be honest with you.. Some of it is because I’m not really in the mood to come back. Honestly, when I started this… I put a lot of idea into where I wanted to see some characters go, and I think giving you all the chance to control them was a great idea on my part, and I still believe that at the end of the day they are yours to portray, but I wrote them. I don’t mean to sound like a bitch here, because I do care for each of you, but it’s time for me to be strict. Some characters are not at all how I saw them… their connections to people, the way they talk, or act… honestly, it’s all OOC in my opinion. I come on to the main and I’m kind of at a loss, because I used to love my characters, now I have no idea who half of them are. And this isn’t a dis on you guys, you’re all great writers… but I think we all get a little OOC sometimes, and now it’s starting to show. What’s worse about this, is that it’s driven me to the desire to put UOR on a hiatus. I love you guys, but I am no Doctor Phil here. I have so much going on in real life you don’t even know, and though it’s my job to be there, it’s really freaking hard. I can’t always deal with people running to me with all their problems… That’s not me trying to push any of you away, because I’m here, but some of the problems… Like ship related one? I made it very clear that I could care less about ships, yet so many of you continue to be upset and come running to me. Which, yes, you should… but when I try my best to help, and get nothing but attitude back? That’s where I draw the line. I have gotten so many messages from so many different people about things in the inbox, and I have done my very best to help… and sometimes it works.. but others… I get treated like dirt. Not to be rude here guys, but it isn’t fair. Also with Brandon? Some of you don’t even notice he’s here. Sure he wasn’t here for a bit, but every time he has posted a starter, it’s gotten maybe 2, 3 notes? You all realize he helped me with this right? He’s just as much apart of this group. And not to be biased, but he’s my best friend… and when he tries to go out and plot with some of you, but you guys turn him down? That’s not okay with me.

I get it, my group is FAR from perfect… but stuff like this, it’s not fair. And I’m not singling anyone out, not picking favorites, nothing of that. I’m talking to everyone as a whole here. I didn’t know signing up to be an admin meant I became a punching bag to some of you… 

Thus, for the rest of the weekend, I won’t be coming on. Brandon will be here to answer questions, but I’m going away to think. Because I can’t come on everyday to messages that I try to be helpful toward, but get treated like dirt… It doesn’t change how I feel about any of you, you’re all great people and I love you. I love your writing, and I wouldn’t have given you these characters if I didn’t… but now things are just going in a direction I didn’t plan on it going. And who knows.. it’s probably my fault.. actually I’m pretty positive it’s my fault. I did a pretty bad job at being an admin… So I’ll be on my way now, and I’ll think about if this group should go on a hiatus or not. More than likely it will… and you’re welcome to come back when I decide I can put more focus into a group without being scared of being thrown around….

I love you guys, really.. but…. yeah.


OC Application Has Been Added!
You can finally apply for Original Characters! 

However, there is a catch. We are only allowing three of each gender! So three male and three female spots will be open as of now. Once we have three of each, they will be closed, and you must wait until we add more slots, or one of the slots is re-opened.

We will also be picky about this. My bios are three lengthy paragraphs, which you must match. No more, no less - application won’t even be looked over if it doesn’t match the length. FCs that are banned are Singers, Nick Stars, Disney Stars, Youtube Stars, Models, One Direction. If you were interested in an FC from the Second batch, just ask us first. I also do not want Mary Sues. This is based on a show of teenagers, name one teenager that is perfect. And finally! Anything intense must but talked to and approved by Brandon or I. That means pregnancies, marriages, triggering events. 

  Anonymous said:
Is this group active?

Like most RPs we have some slow periods, but for the most part the dash moves pretty quickly. There’s usually always quite a few people on every day.



Well this is Kelly! Sooo, you ;) Though I am a hoe too & sometimes refer to myself in the 3rd person.

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