After some time away from tumblr rp, I realized that I think it would be best to put UOR on a hiatus. Not because of any of you, I’ve moved on from what happened. But to cool the air I will be placing the group under a hiatus. During this time I will be changing everything. Bios will stay the same, but the theme, the theme graphics, and probably even the URL will be changing. I will also be finishing up all the bios. Thus, when I re open, there will be a total of 50 characters. I still have yet to decide if people will have to re-apply if they wanted to come back, but rest assure, there will be made a post in the future. For now, the characters and timeline will be on a halt. This shouldn’t be a long hiatus, but I don’t have a set date. If you choose to see the progress of the group, message the main off anon, or message me on Skype. There are a few other ways you can contact me, via my personal or through Brandon’s personal. Or even find my snap chat or twitter and hit me up there, I don’t care really. Just ask for it. I love you all, really. And thank you for the time we did have together. But when I return, this group will be 110% new and improved.